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Huan Zhu Ge Ge
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about huan zhu ge ge 1
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Zi Wei and Gin Suo are traveling to Beijing from Ji Nan to find Zi Wei's father who happens to be the Emperor. When they arrive at Beijing, they meet Xiao Yan Zi. Zi Wei tells Xiao Yan Zi why they have come to Beijing. Xiao Yan Zi is surprised and agrees to help Zi Wei. They plan to meet the Emperor at his favorite hunting ground in three months.

          The day finally came for them to find Qianlong. On their way up the mountain, Zi Wei injured her arm. She told Xiao Yan Zi to continue on without her. Zi Wei also gave Xiao Yan Zi a fan and a scroll to prove to the Emperor that Zi Wei is his daughter. Xiao Yan Zi did as Zi Wei told her and went on.

          While she waits behind a tree for Qianlong, she gets hit by an arrow. The arrow was shot by Wu A Ge which was intended  to hit a deer in front of Xiao Yan Zi. When Wu A Ge realizes that he shot a girl, he immediately brings her to the Emperor. Qianlong tried asking her a few questions but Xiao Yan Zi didn't answer those questions. Instead, she asked him if he still remembered Zi Wei's mother. Qianlong was startled at the question and looked at Zi Wei's belongings. The Emperor brought Xiao Yan Zi back to the palace as soon as possible.

          At the palace, Xiao Yan Zi was being cured. Xiao Yan Zi made more friends. Their names were Wu A Ge, Er Kang and Er Tai (Er Kang's little brother). Qianlong persuaded himself that XiaoYan Zi was his daughter. After asking Xiao Yan Zi a few questions, Xiao Yan Zi was made Huan Zhu Ge Ge. The Emperor treated Xiao Yan Zi with kindness. Qianlong's concubine, Ling Fei, treats Xiao Yan Zi as if she was her own daughter. Xiao Yan Zi thought that she would borrow Zi Wei's father for a while and then return it back to Zi Wei. That didn't happen though.

          A couple days later, there was a parade for the new ge ge. Zi Wei saw Xiao Yan Zi and got really angry. She asked an official to help her talk to Xiao Yan Zi. (The official's name was Er Kang.) Er Kang saw Zi Wei and it was love at first sight. Er Kang let Zi Wei live at his house for now. After a while, Zi Wei and Jin Suo leaves Er Kang's house. When Er Kang found out, he asks Xiao Yan Zi where Zi Wei could be. Xiao Yan Zi asks Ling Fei Niang Niang for permission to go out for awhile. Ling Fei gives her, Er Tai, Er Kang and Wu A Ge permission to go out for awhile.

          They go to find Liu Qing and Liu Hong. Liu Hong tells them where Zi Wei and Jin Suo are. Xiao Yan Zi and the others immediately leave to find Zi Wei. They successfully find Jin Suo and Zi Wei. Er Kang thought about bringing Zi Wei and Jin Suo into the palace to be servants. This way Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Xi could be together and Er Kang would be able to see Zi Wei more often. The next day, Xiao Yan Zi asked Ling Fei Niang Niang to allow her to have two more maids. Xiao Yan Zi also told Ling Fei that the two girls were living at Er Kang's place.

          Ling Fei asked Er Kang's mother a few questions about Zi Wei. After all that, Ling Fei again let Xiao Yan Zi have what she wants. Wu A Ge falls in love with Xiao Yan Zi and Er Kang falls with Zi Wei. When the Emperor finds out the truth, Qianlong is furious and puts the three girls into jail. Unfortunately, the Empress bullies them because she was jealous of how they were being treated with care before. Yong Qi (Wu A Ge) and Er Kang broke into jail to save them.

          They were planning to roam the world and leave the palace forver. They end up feeling remorse and go back to the palace. In the end, the Emperor forgives them and announces Zi Wei as the true ge ge, Ming Zhu Ge Ge. Qianlong sees that Wu A Ge likes Xiao Yan Zi very much, so he engaged them. He also engages Er Kang with Zi Wei.